Sacred Pregnancy Program

(Nov 14th 2020-Dec 12th 2020)

A sense of community and sisterhood is always beneficial for us women, and during a woman's pregnancy we feel it is absolutely crucial. A safe space where you can be all that you are, a space where you can move, laugh and create together. A space of healing and sister-love.

This online program is for pregnant women at all stages.

It will encourage you to trust your instincts, your natural ability to give birth to, and mother your baby.
It is about trusting our inner wisdom and listening to ourselves, as well as movement in mindful yoga. It is about feeling whole, healthy and powerful and creating a safe space for sharing, talking and growing.

Pregnant Yoga
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Empowering You

Our driving intention is to empower pregnant women. How?


By connecting to the true nature of serenity, love and peace in a healthy, strong, yet relaxed body.

Our topics include:

  • Combination of relaxing and invigorating Mindful Prenatal Yoga sessions

  • Conscious breathing for pregnancy, pain management and delivery

  • Meditations and visualisation

  • Embracing change and transformation

  • Caring for the back and other discomforts

  • Partner work

  • Sharing and holding a safe sacred space

What do we offer

  • Prenatal yoga*: 2 sessions per week (Monday morning and Wednesday evening), held via Zoom, with personal attention to each participant.

  • Weekly meditation and visualisation sharing circle: on Saturdays.

  • Special partner massage, support and connection session.


All sessions and workshops will be loaded onto a closed and private Facebook group so you can connect and practice at the time that is the best for you. Our intention is for this group to also be a safe space for you to discuss and share your experience if you wish to.

*Prenatal yoga: the weaving together of yoga and childbirth preparation -empowers us to reclaim the physical, mental, and emotional strength and receptivity during the birth process.

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What you will need

  • 1 x mat

  • 1 x blanket

  • 1 x big pillow/cushion (or bolster)


Optional extras:

  • Extra blankets / pillows

  • A yoga block

  • A yoga strap or non flexible scarf

  • Eye pillow or mask

Your Investment

Don't miss this opportunity to nurture yourself and your future baby in this unique and special period of your life.

  • One month program: 650nis or 165 Euro


DM/call/whatsapp us for questions, bookings and payment.


* Limited Availability. We limit participation to 15 women.

* Bookings are non-refundable (but can be transferred to another mama).

Pregnancy Yoga
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Your Program Facilitators

A co-creation of Lotti & Daniela.
Both facilitators have special expertise in collaborating and creating a safe space for bonding.


We intend on holding a sacred space throughout the program, and co-create beautiful and meaningful moments, to celebrate you and your growing baby.