Why Yoga at Office?

As yoga is a state of mind it can be practiced everywhere. Practicing yoga not only opens, strengthen and elongates the body but it also helps to open the mind, induce creativity and nurtures general well being.

Even a 20 min session for the busy workers can improve productivity and nurtures the well being but a one hour session is more recommended.


Years ago, during the time I was working in high-tech (among other things), yoga used to be my anchor for finding inner happiness and to have a more balanced life. When I decided to make yoga not only a tool, but a lifestyle and also my profession, I had a great desire to bring yoga to offices and organizations and share my love and happiness with as many people as possible.


I teach weekly sessions at High-Tech & governmental companies such as Dropbox and do special events / workshops for companies like Taboola and the Treasury office and open to teach more.


For the Corporate world, I offer different & flexible formats of yoga classes during or outside of working hours. At the office space or surroundings, outdoors, at the office rooftop, or even on the actual desks.

Depending on the company needs, space restrictions and motivation my services for the corporate market include:

  • Physical yoga sessions: alignment / Yin / Flow

  • Special workshops

  • Meditation sessions

  • Yoga "Teasers"- no mats using office desk and chair

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Company spiritual and fun events

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