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I teach my group classes from my home studio in central Tel Aviv on Melchet Street.

In the winter the lessons are held in the closed studio space and in the spring and summer in a cozy and pastoral roof with a unique atmosphere.

There are about 5-6 group lessons per week one even at 6am for the early birds. You can see the full schedule here. please note that on the last Saturday of each month there are a special Yin & Yang sessions.

You can also book a private session.

Please note, that since Covid all my classes are available online via Zoom.


50 NIS

75 NIS

340 NIS

600 NIS

Trial class

One time class for you to check if you like my style of yoga and teaching, no strings attached

Drop In

Perfect for those who don't want to commit to time-framed cards and prefer to join the classes on a drop-in  basis, no commitment here too. 

5 Classes Card

Valid for 2 months.


Ideal for those who plan to arrive less often than once a week and keep yoga as a regular practice. 

10 Classes Card

Valid for 3 months.

Ideal for those who plan to arrive once a week or more.  Even if you miss a few classes in those in 3 month, the card will be valid. 

230 NIS per month 

400 NIS per month

Once a week

For the yogis who want to practice once a week.

In some month it'll be 4 and some month 5 classes a month. 

Twice a week

Ideal for the dedicated yogis willing to commit showing up and practice twice a week.

In some month it'll be 8 and some10 classes a month.

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes in my home studio are restricted to number of participants and there are Zoom broadcasts. One has to come with a yoga mat, if you would like to buy one or for any questions, please reach out to me directly.

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