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My life-changing first trip to India

I first went to India in 2015.

Before that I was working as a Marketing Manager in a High-Tech company. I had already done my first YTTC (Yoga teacher training course) the year before, but I never thought that I will actually become a teacher and make teaching my profession! I have taken that course in order to deepen my own yoga practice and to get an understanding also about the yoga philosophy that I couldn't get from the yoga classes I was going to for many years.

This trip did change my life, due to my experiences there, the second TTC I took there (Hatha Yoga Therapy) , the lifestyle I led and got exposed to, things I have seen and felt but also because this is where I started teaching for the first time, for money, totally by chance, when I was in Goa.

I wrote full details about this trip in this article.